Describing Prographics as a unique company is an understatement – we pride ourselves on providing complete project management across the country, taking care of the manufacturing, communication, and installation challenges that make up your day-to-day production for you.

We partner with you to manage your project from design through installation (using our 3M Preferred Certified installers) and then logistically coordinate with all of your locations to insure that the work was completed to your specifications.

On any given project we provide the following:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Prographics has developed an efficient and effective workflow and job management system that keeps your graphics on schedule and organized. From  inventory to design, production, installation, quality control, and post-installation follow-up, your project representative will work with you to make the process as easy as possible. Let our professionally trained and experienced staff take care of everything!

DESIGN: Our Creative Team partners with you to ensure your company's image and message are delivered clearly and with impact. We can take your existing design or develop a fresh new concept for you and properly adapt it to your specifications.

PRE-PRESS/PRINTING: Our production processes are supported by an industry leading pre-press and customer service team. Our Press Department understands that proper file preparation is critical to a successful project. Our color expertise is the best in the business. Custom colors are matched perfectly using the latest ICC color profile software and hardware. Using the highest quality materials, we pride ourselves on producing the finest graphics in the marketplace.

SCHEDULING: We initiate communication between the location and the installer and coordinate a convenient and timely install date.

INSTALLATION: Working with our 3M Preferred Certified installers, we manage installations across the continental US. Our installers have the knowledge and experience to make each graphic look and fit perfectly.

GRAPHIC REMOVAL: Removal of graphics is part of our experience as well. We understand that proper graphics removal is important in preparing for new graphics or when trading in/disposing of old products.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our friendly Customer Service Representatives provide exceptional service on a timely basis when you need it.

POST-INSTALLATION FOLLOW-UP: At Prographics, our job doesn't end at installation. We provide follow-up service to all locations to insure 100% satisfaction.